VMU art gallery „101“


• PORTFOLIO: Presentations of Contemporary Artists
Since 2009 the Gallery organizes public talks by renowed and emerging artists.
• Presentations of Soviet Art (in collaborations with National M.K. Čiurlionis Art Museum)
Since 2009 the Gallery organizes lectures that present the most recent research and case studies of soviet art and culture.
• „The Dreams of Memory“ 
The project „The Dreams of Memory“ initiated by the Gallery started in 2011 with the main aim of evoking the memory of urban places such as Laisvės avenue in Kaunas. While resurrecting the representations of collective and/ or cultural memory of the city, the new image of the city that (re)affirms the importance of Laisvės avenue as the symbolic city centre, could be (re)created. Artists that participate in this project are asked to choose socially/ historically or culturally singificant site of Laisvės avenue and, by working in collaboration with students, to realize site specific project that basically seeks to somehow (re)tell, (re)interpret and/ or (re)create the history of the place.